New World How to Level Up Trade Skills?


Trade skills are basically non-combat skills that were introduced in the New World platform for players to take part in various activities that aren’t tied to battling. There are a total of seventeen trade skills which are divided into three different subcategories: Gathering, Refining, and Crafting.

Each of these trade skills can be levelled up to 200, which means that you’ll be a part of the maxing-out journey for a while. The rewards for levelling phase kick in every fifty levels or so, with several other perks once you’ve reached the end for new world trade skills guide.
To level up your trade skills, you will need to simply utilize them over time. In the New World platform, practice makes the process more efficient and better. If you’re looking for more information on trade skills, we suggest that you continue reading.


The gathering is one of the processes that take you out on an adventure to explore and exploit various resources in the game. Unlike the other two subcategories of trade skills for new world best trade skills, gathering requires no settlement necessities to progress your levels. Other than that, there are no fixed located to where you can craft the items; however, you do need a few equipment pieces.

Fishing is used to catch fish, and you’re required to have a Fishing Pole to progress for new world trade skills guide. Harvesting is the form of gathering plants and herbs, which can be done without the need of tools; however, you will need a sickle for high-tier resources. Logging is the process of chopping down logs, and you are required to have a Logging Axe to progress your levels. Similarly, Mining incorporates the process of mine rocks, requiring you to have a Pickaxe. Finally, Tracking & Skinning requires a Skinning Knife to skin the dead animals for crafting materials.


Refining is also known as the midway process between the other two subcategories; Gathering and Crafting. Gathering raw materials is important, but if you wish to craft them into endgame durable items, then you need to refine the resources or ingredients first, and then progress further to the crafting phase. It’s worth noting that you need to be at your respective refining stations in your settlements to perform the activity.

Leather Working is the process of refining leathers and rawhide at a tannery. The resources are obtained from Tracking & Skinning. Smelting is the process of refining metals into ingots at a smelter. The resources are obtained from Mining. Stone Cutting is the process of refining raw gemstones at a Stone Cutting Table. The resources are obtained from Mining. Weaving is the process of refining plant fibers at a loom. The resources are obtained from Harvesting. Finally, Wood Working is the process of refining raw wood at a woodshop. The resources are obtained from Logging.


While every trade skill has its own vital role to play in the New World, you cannot deny the fact that crafting is an attention grabber. The reason? Well, it allows you to turn the gathered and refined resources into powerful items that are useful to survive throughout the lands of Aeternum.

Arcana allows you to brew tinctures and potions, craft weapon coatings and magical weapons, and perform elemental infusions at the repository. Armoring is the process of crafting armor pieces at an outfitting station or a forge for new world best trade skills. Cooking includes the utilization of a variety of rations at a kitchen or campfire to make edibles for restoring the character’s health. Engineering allows you to craft ranged weapons or their ammunition at a workshop. It’s not just limited to that because you can also craft melee weapons at a forge.

Furnishing is the process of crafting trophies and storage chests for benefits or furniture for decoration purposes. Jewel Crafting allows you to craft various jewelry with the help of cut gems. The process is taken place at the outfitting station. Finally, Weapon Smithing is the art of crafting melee weapons at a forge.

How to level up fast?

To view your current trade skills levels, you can hit the ‘K’ button on your keyword, which then brings up the character screen. On the interface clock on ‘Trade Skills’ to view your existing levels.

To efficiently and quickly level up your trade skills, you’ll want to consider obtaining well-rested bonuses, while also working your way ahead in high-tier territories for better standing. To grind your way to the top, you focus on repeating the lower-tier actions until you reach the desired level. You can always view our trade skill guides for additional assistance on how to power level.