World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire Patch Changes Overview & Rewards


The Darkmoon Flair is a set of minigames that can be approached by players to gather tickets and purchase their preferred rewards. There are tons of rewards to choose from, which makes it a primary factor for players to participate. Apart from that, the Darkmoon Faire also offers other means to collect tickets and increase the player’s reputation. These means include Profession Quests, Artifact Gathering, PVA Deathmatch, and so forth.

Changes Overview

In the Shadowlands, the Recipes; Extra Lemony Herb Filet, Extra Sugary Fish Feast, and Extra Fancy Darkmoon Feast can be bought in exchange for Darkmoon Daggermaws. These changes have brought in food items that are usable above character level 50, and many new Darkmoon Trinkets have also been added onto the platform, along with Profession quests, allowing you to save a ton of gold during the last few skill levels.

Speaking in terms of Battle for Azeroth, there are newly updated Darkmoon Cards, and a new toy called Hot Buttered Popcorn, which can be purchased from Stamp Thunderhorn, which is a humanoid Food Vendor.

In Patch 8.3, there was a new Darkmoon Arcade added onto the platform, which allows players to play their preferred Azeroth-IAN arcade games. You have to seek out a Mechagnome named Lynnish Hardmode, who is the Arcade Proprietor, located behind the Darkmoon Rollercoaster, to take on your preferred arcade games.

In Patch 8.1.5, there were three new pets added; Murloc Balloon, Wolf Balloon, and Horse Balloon, that can be purchased for ninety Darkmoon Prize Tickets. If you choose to fish in that very same area, you will get a chance to yield two newly added cosmetics; Severed Azurefin Head, and Severed Crimsonscale Head.

In Patch 8.1, the skill-up quests for various Professions were looked into and fixed, so that they can once again offer +5 skill points per profession.

Currency, Timeline, and Location

First off, as mentioned above, the currency of the Darkmoon Faire is Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and you can earn these by participating in various minigames. Alternatively, you can also purchase a Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack from the Auction House, and this item contains 400 to 500 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Being a monthly event, the Darkmoon Faire lasts for exactly one week and starts the next minute after midnight has passed on the first Sunday of every month. Every month you can earn a maximum of 145 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, which is more than enough to buy an intriguing reward. For players, who are looking to reach the Exalted reputation rank with the Darkmoon Faire, it will take you about five months to do so from Neural.

The area is located on Darkmoon Island, where you are only allowed to teleport when the Darkmoon Faire event is in process. You can find a detailed map on the official wiki – of the surroundings present in the Faire, as well as the indications to where you can locate a specific NPC.

The Inky Black Potion

The Darkmoon Faire offers a variety of rewards, ranging from temporary buffs to exotic mounts and pets. Most of these rewards can be purchased by gathering and spending Darkmoon Prize Tickets. After the changes made in Patch 7.2, you can now purchase Inky Black Potion for a few World Of Warcraft Gold coins from Rona Greenteeth. This potion is used to make your nights darker in the game.

The Sayge’s Buffs

Sayge is an NPC spawned during the Darkmoon Faire, and he provides various temporary buffs, such as +10% Intellect. These buffs are quite useful while levelling up your game character, and especially because they don’t have any additional requirement other than speaking to Sayge himself at the Darkmoon Faire. However, do keep in mind that these buffs tend to disappear as you enter a dungeon or raid.

The WHEE! Buff

As you enter the Darkmoon Faire, you can locate the Darkmoon Carousel (a few yards to your right) or the Darkmoon Rollercoaster. Either one of them will grant you the WHEE! Buff after riding them for 30 seconds, allowing you to increase your reputation and experience rate by 10% for an hour to be exact. Yes, it can stack up with other experience or reputation buffs. In order to ride the Carousel or Rollercoaster, you will need a Darkmoon Ride Ticket, which can be found within a Ride Ticket Book. This book can be bought from the NPC at the entrance of the area. There’s also a similar buff that is given after consuming a Darkmoon Top Hat, which then again, needs to be bought from Gelvas Grimegate for ten Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Vanity Items

Gelvas, Chester, and Henry Gust sell a number of Darkmoon Faire vanity items that can be purchased for the Darkmoon Prize Ticket. The items include Darkmoon “Tiger”, Darkmoon “Dragon”, Darkmoon “Gryphon”, Darkmoon “Murloc”, Darkmoon “Rocket”, Darkmoon “Wyvern”, Darkmoon “Cougar”, Darkmoon “Nightsaber”, Darkmoon “Snow Leopard”, Darkmoon “Sword”, Darkmoon “Flower”, Darkmoon “Hammer”, Darkmoon “Storage Box”, Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire, Noble’s Fancy Boots, Noblewoman’s Skirt, Nobleman’s Pantaloons, Noblewoman’s Finery, Nobleman’s Coat, Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh, Green Dance Stick, Purple Dance Stick, Devlynn Styx Mask, Blighthead Electric Beehive Mask, Blighthead Bitter Wounds Mask, Blighthead Grim Smile Mask, Blighthead Slack-Jaw Mask, Blighthead Mohawk Mask, and Blighthead Romero Mask.

Since the changes in Patch 8.1.5, you can now fish Severed Crimsonscale Head and Severed Azurefin Head from the water that is surrounding the Darkmoon Island. There are also a number of vanity items in the form of achievement rewards, and these include, Darkmoon Gazer from Big Wanderluster, Checkered Flag from Big Race Roadhog, and Darkmoon Cannon from Big Powermonger.

Gears & Firework

Since the changes in Patch 7.2.5, killing the Death Metal Knight during the Blight Board Concert provides you with a chance to loot and obtain level 62 items. It basically scales with your character level, and it is level 62 at 110. These items include Chain-Linked Cage Helm, Leather-Lined Cage Helm, Lightly-Padded Cage Helm, Steel-Reinforced Cage Helm, and Necromedes, the Death Resonator.

Apart from the vendors that sell a variety of fireworks items, there is also the NPC named Boomie Sparks that sells Darkmoon Firework, which is specific to the Faire and is required to complete one of the Darkmoon achievements.

Pets & Mounts

Pets and Mounts can be purchased from the NPC’s named Lhara and Gelvas Grimegate for Darkmoon Prize Tickets. They have a variety of Darkmoon Pets and Mounts to choose from, and they include, Darkmoon Balloon, Darkmoon Cub, Darkmoon Hatchling, Darkmoon Monkey, Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Turtle, Darkmoon Zeppelin, Darkmoon Dancing Bear, Swift Forest Strider, and Darkmoon Dirigible. In addition, you can also obtain a Sea Pony (From Fishing), Darkmoon Rabbit (By Killing the Darkmoon Rabbit), Moon Moon (By Killing the Moonfang), Hog’s Studded Collar (After Completing ‘That’s Whack!’), Blorp’s Bubble (By Turning 50 Darkmoon Daggermaws to Galissa Sundew), Translucent Shell (By Turning 100 Darkmoon Daggermaws to Galissa Sundew), Darkwater Skate (By Turning 500 Darkmoon Daggermaws to Galissa Sundew), Shimmering Moonstone (By Killing Moonfang), Race MiniZep Controller (By Completing ‘Big Rocketeer: Gold’), and Horse Balloon/Murloc Balloon/Wolf Balloon (By Purchasing From Carl Goodup).


Toys can be obtained in the form of achievement rewards, and they include, Darkmoon Ring-Flinger from Triumphant Turtle Tossing, Attraction Sign from Wanderluster: Gold, Everlasting Darkmoon Firework from Rocketeer: Gold, Gaze of the Darkmoon from Powermonger: Gold, Fire-Eater’s Vial from Darkmoon Raver Roadhog, and Darkmoon Tonk Controller from Ace Tonk Commander, for the darkmoon faire location. You can also purchase Darkmoon Whistle and Hunting Momento for 90 Darkmoon Faire Tickets from Gelvas Grimegate and Chester, respectively. Other than that, Seafarer’s Slidewhistle can be purchased from Galissa Sundew for 25 Darkmoon Daggermaws.

You can obtain the Ring of Broken Promises by killing Enrinys, who are located in the underwater cave beneath the shipwreck (Coordinates: 74, 39), for wow darkmoon faire, otherwise known as wow DMF. Doing so will reward you with an item that is used to start and complete a quest which will reward you with the Ring of Broken Promises. Blight Boar Microphone can be obtained during the Blight Boar concert, where you have to kill and loot the Death Metal Knight. Finally, you can obtain the Hot Buttered Popcorn from the NPC named Stamp Thunderhorn at a cost of 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Flasks & Potions

Flasks and Potions can be purchased for one Darkmoon Prize Ticket (otherwise known as wow darkmoon faire, wow dmf) from the NPC named Faldar Willowshade. The items he has in stock are; Darkmoon Draught of Alacrity, Darkmoon Draught of Defense, Darkmoon Draught of Deflection, Darkmoon Draught of Deftness, Darkmoon Draught of Divergence, Darkmoon Draught of Flexibility, Darkmoon Draught of Precision, Darkmoon Draught of Supremacy, Darkmoon Tincture of Alacrity, Darkmoon Tincture of Defense, Darkmoon Tincture of Deflection, Darkmoon Tincture of Deftness, Darkmoon Tincture of Divergence, Darkmoon Tincture of Flexibility, Darkmoon Tincture of Precision, and Darkmoon Tincture of Supremacy.

How Cataclysm Will Revolutionize World of Warcraft Guilds

At World of Warcraft’s inception, guilds were little more than chat rooms. The role of guilds expanded with the advent of guild banks and additions to the user interface. But, with the upcoming expansion pack Cataclysm, guilds will take on an unprecedented significance. Here’s a condensation of what Blizzard has confirmed so far:

Guilds will be able to level, much like players. The guild level cap will be 20. Guilds at higher levels will have access to abilities not available to unguilded players and guilds at lower levels. Guild XP points will also be spendable on items and abilities, much like honor points.

Here are the activities which will yield guild experience:

Dungeon bosses killed by parties or raid groups which are composed of at least 75% of players from the guild Rated arena or battleground victories achieved by parties composed at least 75% of players from the guild The reputation achievements of individual guild members The professional achievements of individual guild members Guilds will also have talent trees, much like players. Like players, guilds gain one talent point per level.

Here is a list of possible guild talent-granted abilities:

The increased potency of potions created by and consumed by guild members No reagents necessary for buffs applied across a guild raid Raid-wide summons Simultaneous resurrection of multiple players Elevated gold drops from creeps Lowered gold cost from repairs Items purchased with guild XP points will be guild-bound, untransferable to players not members of the guild. If a guild member quits the guild with a guild-bound item in their possession, it will be automatically removed to the guild bank.

Hypothetical guild-bound items proposed by Blizzard include the following:

Displayable guild flags Vanity pets Bank tabs Guild talent respecs Profession recipes.

Players leaving the guild would lose the ability to use the recipes purchased with guild XP points Reagents Heirloom-quality gear Guilds, like players, will also be able to make achievements. Possible guild achievements announced by Blizzard include: Obtaining legendary gear Having grandmasters in every profession as members of the guild Completing instances The guild interface will also be redesigned in order to accommodate the display of guild members’ professions, as well as guild achievements or statistics.