New World How to Level Up Trade Skills?


Trade skills are basically non-combat skills that were introduced in the New World platform for players to take part in various activities that aren’t tied to battling. There are a total of seventeen trade skills which are divided into three different subcategories: Gathering, Refining, and Crafting.

Each of these trade skills can be levelled up to 200, which means that you’ll be a part of the maxing-out journey for a while. The rewards for levelling phase kick in every fifty levels or so, with several other perks once you’ve reached the end for new world trade skills guide.
To level up your trade skills, you will need to simply utilize them over time. In the New World platform, practice makes the process more efficient and better. If you’re looking for more information on trade skills, we suggest that you continue reading.


The gathering is one of the processes that take you out on an adventure to explore and exploit various resources in the game. Unlike the other two subcategories of trade skills for new world best trade skills, gathering requires no settlement necessities to progress your levels. Other than that, there are no fixed located to where you can craft the items; however, you do need a few equipment pieces.

Fishing is used to catch fish, and you’re required to have a Fishing Pole to progress for new world trade skills guide. Harvesting is the form of gathering plants and herbs, which can be done without the need of tools; however, you will need a sickle for high-tier resources. Logging is the process of chopping down logs, and you are required to have a Logging Axe to progress your levels. Similarly, Mining incorporates the process of mine rocks, requiring you to have a Pickaxe. Finally, Tracking & Skinning requires a Skinning Knife to skin the dead animals for crafting materials.


Refining is also known as the midway process between the other two subcategories; Gathering and Crafting. Gathering raw materials is important, but if you wish to craft them into endgame durable items, then you need to refine the resources or ingredients first, and then progress further to the crafting phase. It’s worth noting that you need to be at your respective refining stations in your settlements to perform the activity.

Leather Working is the process of refining leathers and rawhide at a tannery. The resources are obtained from Tracking & Skinning. Smelting is the process of refining metals into ingots at a smelter. The resources are obtained from Mining. Stone Cutting is the process of refining raw gemstones at a Stone Cutting Table. The resources are obtained from Mining. Weaving is the process of refining plant fibers at a loom. The resources are obtained from Harvesting. Finally, Wood Working is the process of refining raw wood at a woodshop. The resources are obtained from Logging.


While every trade skill has its own vital role to play in the New World, you cannot deny the fact that crafting is an attention grabber. The reason? Well, it allows you to turn the gathered and refined resources into powerful items that are useful to survive throughout the lands of Aeternum.

Arcana allows you to brew tinctures and potions, craft weapon coatings and magical weapons, and perform elemental infusions at the repository. Armoring is the process of crafting armor pieces at an outfitting station or a forge for new world best trade skills. Cooking includes the utilization of a variety of rations at a kitchen or campfire to make edibles for restoring the character’s health. Engineering allows you to craft ranged weapons or their ammunition at a workshop. It’s not just limited to that because you can also craft melee weapons at a forge.

Furnishing is the process of crafting trophies and storage chests for benefits or furniture for decoration purposes. Jewel Crafting allows you to craft various jewelry with the help of cut gems. The process is taken place at the outfitting station. Finally, Weapon Smithing is the art of crafting melee weapons at a forge.

How to level up fast?

To view your current trade skills levels, you can hit the ‘K’ button on your keyword, which then brings up the character screen. On the interface clock on ‘Trade Skills’ to view your existing levels.

To efficiently and quickly level up your trade skills, you’ll want to consider obtaining well-rested bonuses, while also working your way ahead in high-tier territories for better standing. To grind your way to the top, you focus on repeating the lower-tier actions until you reach the desired level. You can always view our trade skill guides for additional assistance on how to power level.

How Cataclysm Will Revolutionize World of Warcraft Guilds

At World of Warcraft’s inception, guilds were little more than chat rooms. The role of guilds expanded with the advent of guild banks and additions to the user interface. But, with the upcoming expansion pack Cataclysm, guilds will take on an unprecedented significance. Here’s a condensation of what Blizzard has confirmed so far:

Guilds will be able to level, much like players. The guild level cap will be 20. Guilds at higher levels will have access to abilities not available to unguilded players and guilds at lower levels. Guild XP points will also be spendable on items and abilities, much like honor points.

Here are the activities which will yield guild experience:

Dungeon bosses killed by parties or raid groups which are composed of at least 75% of players from the guild Rated arena or battleground victories achieved by parties composed at least 75% of players from the guild The reputation achievements of individual guild members The professional achievements of individual guild members Guilds will also have talent trees, much like players. Like players, guilds gain one talent point per level.

Here is a list of possible guild talent-granted abilities:

The increased potency of potions created by and consumed by guild members No reagents necessary for buffs applied across a guild raid Raid-wide summons Simultaneous resurrection of multiple players Elevated gold drops from creeps Lowered gold cost from repairs Items purchased with guild XP points will be guild-bound, untransferable to players not members of the guild. If a guild member quits the guild with a guild-bound item in their possession, it will be automatically removed to the guild bank.

Hypothetical guild-bound items proposed by Blizzard include the following:

Displayable guild flags Vanity pets Bank tabs Guild talent respecs Profession recipes.

Players leaving the guild would lose the ability to use the recipes purchased with guild XP points Reagents Heirloom-quality gear Guilds, like players, will also be able to make achievements. Possible guild achievements announced by Blizzard include: Obtaining legendary gear Having grandmasters in every profession as members of the guild Completing instances The guild interface will also be redesigned in order to accommodate the display of guild members’ professions, as well as guild achievements or statistics.

How to Choose a World of Warcraft Character

Blizard Entertainment, one of the leaders of the gaming industry, has one of the best MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Role Playing Game) games on the market in The World of Warcraft. With over 14 million subscribers, The World of Warcraft (WoW) offers many challanges in game content and against other online players.
When you decide to get started in the World of Warcraft it is good to know that there are also two expansion packs (Xpac) to the gaming world, The Burning Crusade (TBC) and The Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK). While these are not necessary to begin, some features will not be accessable with the basic version. Basically, a few classes, proffesions, and adventuring zones that were added in ths expansions. Blizzard does offer Free 10 day trial downloads of all three.

Once you have loaded the game onto your computer, it’s time to make a character!! Now comes the decision, “What role do I want to fill?” While, much can be accomplished on your own in the game, there are also many challenges that require group efforts. Most groups consist of five people with a role break down of a Tank, a Healer, and three Damage dealers, better known as DPS (damage per second). Tanks and healers are always in demand because there are only a few classes that can fill those roles where as all classes have a dps option depending on how you spend your skill points.

Tanking classes comprise of Warriors, Paladins, Druids and Death Knights (available with WotLK). These classes are known for tanking because the are able to wear plate mail armor and concentrate on gaining defense and parry rating as well as stamina bonus’s. Plate armor, defense and parry raitng allows them to take less or no damage from hits and the higher health allows them to take bigger hits without dieing. As a tank you don’t deal as much damage as DPS roles, but your responsibility is to make sure the Mobs (mobile creatures) focus an attacking you by holding their aggro, through use of your skills (also known as Talents), while the DPS works on dealing the high damage to kill the creature.

Healer classes consist of Priests, Druids and Shamans. These classes are known as the healers because they have the magical abilities to cast healing spells. Your role in the group will be to keep everyone alive, but first the Tank, and yourself (can’t heal anyone if you’ve died), then the DPS.

All classes have DPS options depending on the talents/skills you choose. Death Knights, Druids, Warriors, Priests, Mages, Hunters, Warlocks and Rogues. The amount of damage each of these classes can deal varies depending on how you skill yourself. Some are better at high damage to single targets while others are better at damaging groups at a time. All of this depends on how you choose to spend your skill/talent points as you gain levels. DPS roles are also broken down into two roles of melee (swinging weapons up close and personal) and ranged (Casting spells or firing weapons from a distance). Melee roles are filled by Warriors, Paladins, Death Knights, Rogues, Shamans and Druids. Ranged roles are filled with Mages, Warlocks, Hunters, Shamans, Druids and Priests.

As you can see a few classes can fill several or all three roles, depending on how you’ve skilled yourself, while others (dps) can only fill that role. You are able to change your skills during game-play but at a cost of in-game gold. This gets more expensive each time you change but does cap at 50 gold. So choose wisely and welcome to The World of Warcraft!

How to Get 99 Farming in Runescape the Fast and Easy Way

Starting out you will need:

  • Six Law runes
  • 14 Air runes
  • Three water runes
  • One Earth rune
  • One Fire rune
  • Ring of dueling
  • Tiny Elven crystal
  • 30 Coins
  • 10 Soil filled plant pots
  • Noted fruit or vegetables to pay the gardener, you may need Sacks or Baskets filled to pay them.

The fruits and vegetables are:


Tree Cost

Oak trees 1 basket of tomatoes

Willow trees 1 basket of apples

Maple trees 1 basket of oranges

Yew trees 10 cactus spines

Magic trees 25 coconuts

Fruit Trees:


Tree Cost

9 raw sweetcorn

Banana trees 4 baskets of apples

Orange trees 3 baskets of strawberries

Curry trees 5 baskets of bananas

Pineapple trees 10 watermelon

Papaya trees 10 pineapples

Palm trees 15 papaya

  • Gardening trowel
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • More than one filled Watering can
  • Five Seeds of any tree and five

The Routine:

  1. – Take the Plant pots of soil and use the tree seeds and fruit tree seeds on them. You will then get a Seedling. To do this you need the gardening trowel in your inventory.
  2. – Water the Seedlings and wait until the grow into Saplings, it should not take more than a minute or two.
  3. – Take out all of your runes, materials, and noted fruits and vegetables.
  4. – Go to the farming spots as follows:

A – Falador Park – Falador Teleport

B – Taverly -Use the First Falador Teleport

C – Lumbridge Forest – Lumbridge Teleport

D – Varrock Castle Courtyard – Varrock Teleport

E – Gnome Stronghold – Spirit Tree from Grand Exchange, use your previous Varrock Teleport to get to the Grand Exchange.

F – Gnome Agility Course – Use the first Spirit Tree from Grand Exchange

G – East Catherby – Camelot Teleport

H – Tree Gnome Maze – Ring of Dueling, Go to Castle Wars and run to the patch next to the entrance to the Tree Gnome Maze.

I – Brimhaven – Ardougne Teleport then take the boat south of Ardougne, 30 gp is necessary to pay the captain.

J – Lletya – Lletya Teleport Crystal

At these patches rake away the weeds then plant the seed. After, pay the farmer to protect the patch.

  1. Check back on the trees when they are done growing for large amounts of farming experience by checking their health.
  2. To remove the trees and start over you need to pick all the leaves or fruit off or chop the tree down with a hatchet, then dig up the roots with a spade and restart the routine.

You may use secateurs to cut branches off of willow trees to cover the cost of the seed and make a small profit, normally up to about 9,000 Coins.

Making Money in World of Warcraft Without Using Add-ons

In the evolution of todays’ gaming world, there is one that stands out from all the rest. This is World of Warcraft. There are over 10 million people world wide that play this fascinating MMORPG. This game allows for people to create characters that roam the land fighting off evil or evil battling the forces of good. As you make progress the the life span of your characters goal of maxing out your equipment, professions and other things that you may need is achieved by purchasing them with money that you have earned or looted off of the now dead enemies that you have slain.
The money earned from looting can take a long time to amount to a significant amount to pay for what you may need. In this never ending struggle to amass a large amount of mount to spend at the many vendors or Auction Houses, many people have resorted to the outside world and purchased their gold through websites. This is something that is not supported by Blizzard, the founders of the game. There are also add-on programs that though will not help you get a larger amount of looted money, it they can benefit you as to tell you how much items are worth and the average of what they sell for in the Auction Houses and how much the vendors will pay you for the items.

here we will take a look at some of the things that you can do in the game to help to earn a good amount of money to aid your character in their endeavors to be their very best. This can be done very easily and with out the use of add-ons by following these few steps.

Step one – when you first create your character, you are at level 1. this means that any items that you may find and are able to loot will be pretty much worthless to anyone else. The best thing that you can do at this stage is get as much as you can carry and take to a nearby vendor and sell it. These vendors will not give you much, but will be a good head start. You will need to repeat this process until you are ready to leave the starting area of your character.

Step two – once you have left the starting area, you will enter an area where the enemies are of a slightly higher level and will improve your chances of getting better loot that is worth more money than previously. In these areas, you will find uncommon items that are worth a lot of money or is usable to further your character. With these uncommon items, you have two choices in the case that you can’t use the item. First you can take them to a vendor and settle for market price or you can travel to the nearest capital city and start your very own marketing career selling in the Auction House. This is really easy and the best thing to do.

Step three – when posting your items for auction, you want to browse other auctions of the same type and find out what other players are selling their items for. This will allow you to cut their prices and sell yours more quickly. This is important because without the proper research, you can greatly miss out on a lot of money. There are many players who post auctions not knowing what they should be charging. Posting auctions for 50 silver when it is worth 5 gold is a big loss.

Step four – once you reach level 10 you can learn professions. These professions will help to advance your character and also benefit other players. Depending on what profession you decide to take, the profit can be unimaginable. For instance, enchanters break down the magical properties of items and can then place enchantments on certain items. You will find many people throughout the game looking for people who can do this and are willing to pay good money for it. There are also professions where you craft weapons and armor. These are great items to place in the Auction Houses. They will not gain you a small fortune, but can benefit greatly when your characters finances are on the fritz.

These are the strategies that I use in my game. Everyone has their own way of making money to better their characters. Feel free to use these steps and if they work for you, then hey I’m happy for you. If you feel like this is not the strategy for you, then please by all means look for the strategy that works for you. It is encouraged to ask other players about how they make their money.

It should be stated that Blizzard does not condone or support the purchase of gold from websites over the Internet or the use of add- ons that will enhance one player experience over another. These things are prohibited by blizzard.